A Letter from Casey Powell

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Every year, devastating and life altering events occur for families everywhere.

The lacrosse community is certainly not immune to it. Fortunately, the lacrosse community is made up of caring, compassionate people who want to help “teammates”… fellow lacrosse players and their families. The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation has been created to be the epi-center to connect support from the lacrosse community to players and families who desperately need the support.

If a lacrosse player in your town, in your state, is severely injured or sick we want to know. Please use the Referral Form and get in touch with us. You can read our Support Stories and learn about the impact your donations can have to support this cause. We are a unique sport and I believe the most caring people play, have played or are a part of our game of lacrosse. Pledge your support. Donate today. It will be the best goal you ever score.

Thank you,

Casey Powell #22