Student Sticks

What if the best way for you get involved with WLF’s mission is to help spark (or even gauge) lacrosse interest in your own school?

The Student Sticks program is a great way to get sticks in the hands of kids. Have a WLF ambassador arrive with all the sticks needed and a bucket full of enthusiasm to teach lacrosse in gym class all day. We will arrive with energy and equipment to teach the basics of the sport to your classes and ignite a passion in your students to learn and achieve both on the field and in the classroom.

Fun drills and games will dominate the sessions that can serve just to introduce a new sport. A bit of time will be spent chatting about the rich history of the game as well as the importance of academics to players hoping to continue as they advance in school.
Student Sticks is an exciting grass roots program the WLF stands behind as a cornerstone of its mission to spread the sport to new people not only around the globe but here at home, as well.

Still can’t pair yourself up with one of our fundraising programs? We would love the hear your ideas and help you grow the game. Please contact us to see how we can support your inspirations and the WLF dream