Supporting Lacrosse Families in Need

A Support Moment is an experience for a lacrosse player and or a lacrosse family that has been sidelined in “life” due to severe injury and or illness. The purpose of a Support Moments is to help strengthen the player’s will to persevere through their personal difficulty.
World Lacrosse Foundation visiting John Michale

CPWLF intends for the Support to be a “break” where the player and family are united through a happy lacrosse experience and can forget about medicines, injuries, and personal fights against illness and recovery. It is proven that positivity can work like medicine and we at CPWLF have seen it work wonders. But we need your help to make more Support Moments happen! When CPWLF delivers a Support Moment, we bear (most of) the expense to do so.

That is why your donations are critically needed. Help us create another Support Moment, please. Donate today.

How it All Started

Support Moments all started when Casey Powell was contacted by lacrosse fans to help family, friends, and teammates who needed their spirits lifted. The Support Moments have come in many ways. The results of those Support Moments inspired Casey to create The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation whose mission is to reach as many severely injured and sick lacrosse players and families as possible, helping them feel better in spite of their challenges.

With the amazing help of the lacrosse brotherhood and sisterhood, your donations to CPWLF will help ensure that we can make more stories like these come true for fellow lacrosse families:

Meadow’s Playground

Thank you lacrosse community for supporting #CPWLF Play for Meadow event at The Farm and raising money for Meadow’s Playground. (Pictured is Meadow’s father and Lacrosse coach – Andrew Pollack


Josh is a wicked strong warrior beating acute myeloid cancer and raising awareness to help others lacrosse players battle cancer. #lacrosseambassador #Rubistrong

McManus Family

Introducing the Mighty McManus Family – #lacrossefamily Winning against Acute Myeloid Leukemia #brothers #colinbloodmarrowdonor #dannyreceiverwarrior #mikebocklett #cpwlf


A very special visit happened in Casey Powell’s college town- Syracuse, NY when he met #upstate Lacrosse Player Nate who is battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. #CPWLF is in your corner Nate!!! There is a HUGE #Lacrossefamily rooting for you!!

Powell Lacrosse thank you for the new magic wand for Nate!


James (15) Some new lacrosse equipment was brought to James’s “temporary” house. He and his family lost too many things in a house fire and CPWLF wanted to help out a little. Along with their friends at Gladiator Lacrosse and Powell Lacrosse.


Peyton:(16) Fighting mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia for the 2nd time. She received her 2nd bone marrow transplant this winter and while recovering was visited by

Sloane Serpe:
Attended UNC 2010-2014
Team STX member
Member of the semi-pro Long Island Sound
2014-2016 USA Team Member
2013 National Champion- UNC
2011-2014 IWLCA All American
and later while still recovering was visited by Casey Powell

Alex Peavey

On the Collegiate School Campus Lacrosse Players of all ages from the Richmond area gathered to honor Alex Peavey a mentor and lacrosse coach as he is healing from Stage 4 Prostate Cancer.  The Peavey Powell Game unleashed on a brilliant colorful day of November 25, 2017, in the format of Speed Lacrosse which invited parents to play with their daughters and sons and lax lovers of all ages to blend on the courts to honor their beloved mentor and friend.  This community game was a Support Moment as well as a mountain home getaway vacation to be scheduled by the Peavey family at their liking.

Caleb Farrell

July 4, 1999 – June 23, 2017

Today the CPWLF got the honor of meeting lacrosse player Caleb Farrell from St. Augustine, Florida.

Caleb is in Round 2 of fighting brain cancer. Most of his family joined in on the CPWLF Support Moment: mom, dad and twin brother Daryl … Casey and Caleb began their day over breakfast together laughing, smiling and telling stories. This all continued as Casey lead a tour via a golf cart throughout the Jacksonville University Campus. Listening to what Caleb and his family have endured over the past few years and hearing Caleb tell us what it meant for Casey’s calls, emails, social media posts, and the CPWLF gifts sent to him while recently at St. Jude’s in Memphis Tennessee for a month made us realize our CPWLF impact. The foundation’s efforts helped fuel his hope and fighting spirit to battle when cancer returned to his brain. Caleb and family enjoyed VIP sideline seating along with meeting the whole Jacksonville University Team plus a team signed a poster to remember his day. CPWLF wishes each your goals be met and praying for great health as you continue “fighting the fight!”

Noah Hays

Noah Hays

May 11, 1999 – June 3, 2018

Noah, 16 Varsity Lacrosse Player from North Carolina.  CPWLF went to his town and held a clinic in his honor.  Then donated funds to Noah and his family.

Noah was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer of the bones and soft tissue. Noah could not attend school or play lacrosse his junior year as he underwent 52 weeks of chemotherapy. Noah was cleared to return to school late summer of 2016 and return to play for his lacrosse team. He played his first pre-season tournament in Charlotte and was on his way to a successful season in the goal. On March 2, 2017 Noah went for a routine scan that showed his cancer had returned and had returned in multiple areas. Despite that devastating news Noah had the courage to board the bus with his team that afternoon and travel with his team to start in the goal. Noah had a great game and they only lost by one goal in overtime. Noah went on to play one more game before his high school career came to an end as he is now back in treatment with both chemo and radiation. At Lacrosse Senior Night CPWLF sent a Jacksonville University signed helmet, an autographed goalie stick from John Galloway and a video compiled by Adam Ghitelman of the best of the best goalies on lacrosse.  

Jayden Noone

Jayden Noone

On July 15th a lacrosse defenseman from a small town in Upstate NY, Seneca Falls,  received the news that “NOONE” – (no one) wants to hear. Jayden Noone was diagnosed with Predomate Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a really long few months and 12 radiation treatments, Jayden had shown complete response. Jayden’s strength and determination prevailed!

With deep roots in the NY area The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation heard about Jayden and immediately Casey put a call in to him. Jayden was over the top thrilled… after the phone call ended his parents asked him to do something and his response was “You gotta give me a minute I just got off the phone with Casey Powell!” They made arrangements for Jayden to spend the day with one of the ambassadors in Syracuse, Mason Powell in which  they would spend the day having fun they chose a day of bowling eating and goofing around inside jokes and just plain fun, a day where Jayden and his parents could put this disease on the back shelf just for a few hours.

Jayden was also selected by the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation to make some of his wishes come true. He chose a visit to Walt Disney World and when asked by the Make- A-Wish of more of his wishes “I so badly wish to meet Casey Powell.” So Make-A-Wish notified Casey without Jayden knowing…And of course Casey made arrangements to surprise Jayden in Orlando….tears flowed all around when Casey walked in and they enjoyed an awesome family dinner, some serious laughs, and a great photo shoot!

Another shout out to all of you who have donated to the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation…You all made another wish come true! Providing a moment of joy and happiness that will always be cherished by Jayden and Casey. So Jayden the Spoon Noone, the GOAT, and the rest of our World Lacrosse Foundation family will continuously send you wishes for thriving health and look forward to your continued success…

Jakob Satterfield

Casey Powell, Marcus Holman, and Coach Holman with University Utah Men’s Lacrosse Team visiting with Jakob before he enters a treatment to fight his brain tumor. Salt Lake City, Utah

Jack Enright

Jack, 16 suffered a spinal cord injury. He works continuously to regain full control and strength of his legs. He has a heart of gold and so do his friends. Jack was our first honoree at our Inaugural World Lacrosse Beach Festival in 2015.

Ann Enright (mother) – “ You (CPWLF) are amazing”

Jack Enright – “ The continuous support from y’all has been amazing. You guys are great.”

Casey Powell with Mikey Stolzenberg

Mikey Stolzenberg

Mikey is a lacrosse player who contracted a serious bacterial infection that left him in a coma and eventually caused oxygen deprivation to all four limbs. Amputation was necessary. CPWLF traveled to a lacrosse tournament put on for his behalf. We brought support and inspiration and he reciprocated the inspiration.

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor – Casey Powell dedicated his professional lacrosse game to Sam. He wore Sam’s name on his chinguard to bring awareness to his fight against cancer. Sam plays for a team called Whaleslax in Oregon and that is who reached out to CPWLF.

Whaleslax – “Wow! Thank You! This means a lot to Whaleslax and we know it will be greatly appreciated by Sam.”

Sam – “Thanks so much @worldlacrossefoundation I really appreciate the help.”

Connor Darcey

Connor Darcey

Conner was lost in a tragic car accident.  Donation made to Penn State Lacrosse as family wished per family.

Breaking Barriers Lacrosse

CPWLF created Social Media awareness

The Hanrahan Family

A lacrosse family from the Philadelphia, PA area who suddenly lost their father/husband. CPWLF reached out with an apparel package for each of the 4 children.

City Lax Event

New York City, New York – City Lax – Held a free lacrosse clinic for inner city children.

Support Moments Onadoga Nation School

Visit Onadoga Nation School, Nyawenha Onodaga Nation

Went to the reservation to bond and listen to stories about the history of lacrosse. It was a goodwill trip by CPWLF.

Britany Read

Britany is a lacrosse player at Louisville University. She lost her father to a brain hemorrhage. CPWLF supported her through a social post of our condolences to her and her family.

John Michael Knight

JM, 17 suffered a rare brain stem stroke when sitting in class his senior year of high school. He suffered “locked-in syndrome.” Casey Powell immediately wore his name on his chinstrap and dedicated his game to John Michael. Then CPWLF flew to Atlanta to visit JM at the Shepherd Pratt Hospital in Atlanta, GA. John Michael attended and was honored at the 2016 World Lacrosse Beach Festival on Siesta Key, Florida. His parents played lacrosse in a community game on his behalf. JM has a strength and patience that goes beyond words of comprehension. He is a light of goodness.

“Mick (JM’s father) – Casey and Heather – thank you both again as JM can’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed and we really appreciate everything you have done for him and our family!!”

“Can’t thank you enough!!! 24 (John Michael)

“Wanted to thank you and Casey for this amazing event and all your support…just can’t thank you enough.” Mick

Support moments with Luca

Luca Annunziata

Luca 11, Suffered life threatening brain trauma and underwent a two week coma in order to recover. Fighting back with a contagious spirit Luca is recovering and played lacrosse for the first time since the accident at a CPWLF Event. Luca was honored at the 2016 World Lacrosse Beach Festival and had the opportunity to play lacrosse along side his parents. What a team!

“Thank you Heather for organizing a great weekend!! Our whole family had so much fun at the beach today and we enjoyed spending our evening with everyone last night.” Darby (Luca’s mother)

“Thank you so much for providing us a great weekend! Everything from dinner to the lax tournament was exceptional. You both have a HUGE heart for children and helping others and people can’t help, but to feel so special around you. Congratulations to a weekend well done and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Sincerely, John and Darby Annunziata

Robby Schartner

Robby Schartner

Robby was a lacrosse player at Manhattanville College who was a victim of drunk driving and is dearly missed. CPWLF helped create a social media campaign to raise awareness.

“I am Robby Schartner’s sister and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping his spirit alive. This would have meant the world to him. He lived for this game and his team.” – Nicole