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We inspire, share, and support severely injured and sick lacrosse players and their families. 100% of lacrosse players visited by CPWLF in the hospital reported more determined to fight their personal battles and that it uplifted their spirits. 100% of the parents of lacrosse players who had a CPWLF Support Moment said their family felt strengthen and more connected with each other.

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Supporting Those In Need in Our Lacrosse Community

“Lacrosse has been my life’s work. I take great pride in calling myself a lacrosse player. In my mind a lacrosse player is much more than an athlete and a fierce competitor, he/she is also a humanitarian and someone that is dedicated to honoring the past and supporting the future.”

Casey Powell | Co-Founder

The lacrosse community is a dedicated and compassionate group of individuals who care intimately about their sport and their players. The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation is where sympathy and action can reach those in the lacrosse community that most need it.

Heather Chase O’NeillExecutive Director

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