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The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation (CPWLF) mission statement requires the Foundation to inspire, share, and support the game of lacrosse worldwide. At the center of those platitudes is SUPPORT. As an athlete with successes at every level of the lacrosse, Casey Powell knows the value of having a supporting team at your back. When one player goes down to a serious injury or health crisis, it is the responsibility of their team to visibly show that they care and meaningfully participate in their fallen brother’s recovery.

The foundation has taken that principle and applied it across as many lacrosse families as we can reach. By visiting players of lacrosse families in the hospitals, rehab centers, or their own homes the CPWLF provides a tangible layer of support and encouragement on that player’s journey toward wellness. We provide a venue to promote the awareness of good causes, to raise funds for those in need and to continue cheering our lungs out in support for lacrosse families throughout the recovery process.